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Vyacheslav Picardo - Biography.

Preface: My art reflects my inner world, which I perceive with all my senses; people, animals that I meet and love; nature, which I admire, and everything that affects who I am. I admire women's beauty, I love animals - this is my main source of inspiration-in a very broad sense. I focus on their psyche, views, as well as on their appearance, manners and all the complex processes, thoughts that occur both outside and inside a person.
And it is "Man, animals and the inner world" that is the main theme of my paintings.

Vyacheslav Picardo was born in 1981 in St. Petersburg.
Basic style: Abstractionism, Morocco, Cubism, Expressionism, Realism.

Place of residence: USA.
His father was originally from the USA, he lived an ordinary American dream, Vyacheslav Picardo - interview. What do I need to do to remain a relevant artist? but fate had its own plans. And then one day he met a Russian girl. A meeting, one, another, a whirlwind of feelings swirled, he realized that he could not live without her and followed her to Russia.
Russia rarely meets people with open arms, and his father was no exception. Life was difficult, and he got a job as a teacher at an art school, and his wife became a doctor. Later Vyacheslav was born and from an early age his father instilled in little Vyacheslav Picardo - interview. What do I need to do to remain a relevant artist? an interest in fine art, but fate again announced his plans and when Vyacheslav got older he remembered his historical roots and decided to follow in the military footsteps of his grandfather, originally from Massillon, Ohio, who in 1915 was enlisted in the US Navy. Participated in the Pearl Harbor massacre on one of the combat submarines of that time. He showed himself as a true patriot of his country and left a bright memory of a man full of courage and bravery, a man with the heart of a hero. It was this example that determined Vyacheslav's choice and his life path. 5 years of training at the Naval School of Russia Vyacheslav tried to show the qualities of a real man and prove to everyone that he was honored to be the ancestor of such a great man and can proudly bear his surname.