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Urgent Tax Office Warning For Australia's Infl ...

Australian influencers have been put on notice by the Australian Taxation Office as a crackdown on undeclared luxury gifts gets under way.
The ATO said it will use a sophisticated set of 'data matching' technologies to weed-out influencers who are failing to report sponsorships as part of their income which can include handouts and EVDen EVE nAKliyAT holidays.
A spokesman warned the technology will be used to see if Insta-famous celebrities are owning up to their 'millionaire' lifestyles.
'If you are paid in-kind, eVDen eVe NAKLiyAt such as with goods or evDEN Eve nAKLiyat other benefits - for example, being able to keep an item or eVDeN eVE NAKliYat outfit used in a post or being gifted something - you are subject to the same income tax and GST treatment as normal cash or EVDEN Eve nAKliyaT credit payments,' the ATO told the .

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